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When we work together we will excavate the bullshit rules you don't even know you're following that are keeping you from living the life you want to have as the person you want to be.

We're going to dig deep to make sure we find all of them. The ones from childhood, the ones you made up because you keep not following through on what you say you will, the ones you created from your lack of success in your current job, past job, current relationship, last relationship. 

The mind is a funny thing–we apply meaning to everything that happens to us. From that meaning we invent a rule of what will be possible for us going forward.

Not the best way to operate. Your past is determining your future. 

That's a bullshit rule we can get rid of right now. 

How about a new rule–Your PRESENT defines your future past.

The truth is–there are no rules. People only think there are. 

Let's break them all and make up some new ones that serve you. 


I work with most clients for a 6 months to one year. Coaching conversations are conducted live - virtually - three times per month with additional support offered between conversations. 


A 6 month experience for 6 people, with group coaching conversations conducted live - virtually - three times per month with additional support offered between conversations.