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November 4, 2017


A couple of years ago I was watching the TV show Grey’s Anatomy and before a surgeon went into an incredibly risky surgery, she stopped and stood in a superhero pose. She claimed that studies showed that standing in a superhero pose for 5 minutes before going into job interviews or hard tasks would make you feel more confident and perform better. I immediately applied this tactic to my life and it made me feel powerful.


Feet wide. Fists on hips. Chin up. Chest out. Heart open. It doesn’t matter if it’s scientifically true or not, because what it does in that moment is help you step into a new way of being. I’ve been doing it for two years now, before every coaching call I go into, before every situation where I know I’m going to need extra confidence and strength. Sometimes I even do it just to pull myself out of a funk. 


We create meaning out of every single thing that happens to us. Our brains need to do that in order to make sense of the world - and anything that threatens our love, safety, and belonging. But at the same time that we are trying to make sense out things, we also decide who we are in the process. And who we think we ARE determines the actions we take. Those actions create the results we are or are not getting in our lives. We create what we believe by who we are being. 


BUT we have the ability to choose who we are going to be at any given moment. Those meanings, those limiting beliefs or stories, let’s start calling them misunderstandings. Because that’s all they are, a misunderstanding about yourself that was created to help you make sense of your world at that time. That’s all. Our misunderstandings are not our absolute truth. And we don’t even have to know how we got those misunderstandings. We just have to decide to step into a new way of being.


So stand up with your feet wide. Put your fists on your hips. Hold your chin up high. Chest out. And open your heart to the world. Declare who you want to be in this moment. Just for today. Because you can step into someone new tomorrow. And then let me know how it goes. 

Loving you,



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