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Your Vision is the Path.

June 30, 2017


Your vision is the path. What does that mean? I'm sure you've heard that you shouldn't wait to be happy until you've achieved success, or made a certain amount of money, or lost the right amount of weight, right? Just be happy now. That sometimes may feel easier said than done. But check this out. If you adopt the idea that your vision is the path, that your dreams and desires ARE the path to achieving your dreams and desires, then it's actually just as easily said AS done. You create your future vision now by pulling pieces of your vision into your present state.

One of my dreams is to live in the mountains, fully immersed in nature because that makes me feel calm, grounded, truly at peace, and inspired. Being among all the lush green trees, hearing the birds chirp, looking up at the clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds floating by allows me to feel a sense of freedom and inspiration like no other. I'm at home there and my heart feels full. I don't live in the mountains right now. I live in the desert. My front yard is drying up and my back yard is completely dead. Nothing I do seems to be able to get grass to grow and most of my outdoor plants die from the heat of living in the valley. So it's really easy for me to get a little grumpy from the heat and stay locked inside the house, not even noticing the other kinds of beautiful nature that is actually right outside my door and saying, "Well someday, when I am successful enough, when I make enough money, I'll get to move into the woods and finally make my dreams come true." But the reality is, I don't have to wait to experience the freedom and happiness that comes with that vision. I can pull that into my day right now. And that's exactly what I did the other day. When I take ownership of what I want to create and make my vision the path, I start to create my vision right now. I found a little shady area at the far corner of my house that actually still has a bit of green grass to run my toes through. I laid out in the grass (green juice in hand!) looked up at the clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds, heard the rustle of the breeze in the leaves of the small bushes nearby, which when laying on the ground give you the sensation of being among the trees in the woods and there it was! (Excited gasp!) Be still my full heart, my vision, my freedom, my inspiration. The feeling I'm hoping to achieve by getting to live in the woods someday is actually achievable right now! And if I can create the feeling of freedom, inspiration, and a full heart right now, without having to wait until I get that house in the woods, then I actually can create ANYTHING I want to, right now.

What's your vision for your future? What's one thing you could do TODAY that would allow you to bring your future into your present? If you would like support in figuring out what that one thing you can do today is, just email me and share your vision. 

Loving you,

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